How Do I Stop Grazing All Day?


Do you end up munching on meals all day lengthy?

It might not even be “unhealthy” meals, however each single little chew appears to seek out its solution to your waistline.

Sick and uninterested in the creeping kilos, Kathleen asks,

I really like the Full Plate way of life. I’ve placed on a couple of kilos this winter as a result of I’m at all times grazing!! It is not that the meals I’m grazing on are unhealthy, it is simply I am frequently consuming. A couple of almonds right here, a couple of almonds an hour later, uncooked veggies with hummus an hour later and perhaps even a couple of crackers after that! Then dinner!! How do I cease grazing? Thanks!

Kathleen, you deliver up a superb level – each time you eat once you’re not hungry, you’re consuming energy that contribute to weight achieve.

It’s a standard battle that comes up in dietary consults typically. Full Plate nutritionist Diana Fleming shares a three prong method that she recommends her shoppers use to cease grazing with out feeling hungry all through the day.

Watch video for Diana’s reply.